(create) Character Sprite dolls and clothes

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(create) Character Sprite dolls and clothes

Post by HxDeci on Mon Apr 08, 2013 4:38 pm

I have begun creating the method (non programatically so far) for the character creation and customisation. What i need for this is a set of body dolls and closthing and hair and eyes and such, i wont need so many ath th moment as i just need enough graphics to test the process. I started making my own, but you'll see why i dont want my graphics in the final game trust me XD

so, for the moment, the character sprite sheet may look a little like:

This is a few layers merged. the idea is each player sprite will consist of several layered sprites, elements like clothing accesssories, eyes, hair, skin tone and much more all changable.

for the moment im just going to focus on a few of the elements, till the character system is up and running fully. so things to consider as seperate images:

  • Head
  • Eyes
  • Body
  • top clothes
  • trousers
  • shoes
  • hat

for now at least. and bearing in mind that some things might need stuff happening behind the sprite too, like a jacket might come with a cape, or when the player faces left or right, one arm will be behind and one in front so each "element" may consist of 3 llayers itself too, normal, near camera and behind sprite.

you with me so far?

ill include a download for the Pspimage i've been working with, its not great, and i really dont care whatimage editor you use. go nuts Very Happy. but it will help explain better than i can probably

the important thing is that its chibi, dimensions of each frame are 64x64px. and feel free to use partial transparencies, i can code them in and it make for cool effects

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