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(create) Monsters

Post by HxDeci on Mon Apr 08, 2013 5:07 pm

Ok, for ALL you lovley Anime Arty types, i want youy to let your hair down on this one, take yuor time.
I need literally HUNDREDS of different creatures to battle with and against. All monsters encountered ARE recruitable for the players party, like in pokemon. But with greaer tactical combat like the ff games, character design for the bad guys can come from a great many inspiriations, there WILL be room for loads of different things.

What i need:
I need you guys to let your imaginations run wild, this is a dark scifi anime mmorpg involving time travel and dimensional sliding. many "realities" will have different laws of physics, and thus the development of life in these places will reflect the universe. You can design the appearance of the creature, maybe a few evolutional stages, maybe just one. you can even theorise on attacks/skills it may have, andill try work them into the game system. unlike pokemon, you can equip your monsters like in ff games, so maybe some nice equip items too if you like.

If you have any questions either pop them here or PM me. thanks

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