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*Grumbles ancient profanities*

Post by HxDeci on Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:09 am

Just trying to get somewhere with my game development, Its weird though. The more I do, the more i need to do, the more code i fix, the more i see ways to make it even fixeder. I feel like im working lots but getting nowhere, and then of course you fix one problem and 18 more spring up. Or you realise that before you can make one thing work, you need to make 364369 new things. meh ¬.¬

Not that I want to stop, just having a vent.

So, so far i've managed to initialise the login database, and get all game databases (well, as much as they are at the moment anyway) loaded and ready , i've cutomised the room graphics system to allow for up to 3 additional foreground graphics layers and 3 underground layers to give the illusion of depth and such during character movent. also, i implemented a system which wil enable backgrounds to be animated and use transparancies.

Meanwhile, through all this i have been constantly refining how the program stores and references game information at runtime, using nested custom variable types to make the code much more readable and sensible and more like real object orientation.

But now i'm goofing off again, so sue me Razz .

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